Information about The Quiver


About Us

We created Quiver to solve a problem we were facing as surfers ourselves. We often found ourselves traveling to places near the coast, but we weren't always able to bring boards along. Instead, we had to try and find a board from someone local that was willing to part ways and sell it to us, just so we could use it to surf while traveling. 

At that time we knew there had to be a better solution, so we set out to build what is now the most trusted marketplace for finding, requesting to rent, and easily paying for surfboard rentals in a few simple clicks.

Our mission is to make surfboards and other gear more accessible to people everywhere, from first-timers looking for that perfect beginner board to seasoned expert that's looking to demo a unique and rare board that's ideal for the local break. 

By allowing locals to list boards from their quivers and rent them out to others, they make extra cash by having their quiver work for them. We're doing our part to make the surfing more accessible on-the-go, repurposing, and letting surfers share their boards, expertise, and local knowledge with others. 

We believe our marketplace can help connect the community and make it stronger together. Connect with the community and stay up to date by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and like us on Facebook.