6'2" – 34.6L Firewire Tomo SKX Shortboard

This SKX by Tomo/Firewire Surfboards is in great shape, with no dings, dents, etc. Slater Designs 3-piece traction pad, Dakine leash, and CI fins (FCS II).

Very usable shortboard for the average surfer across a wide range of conditions. Works best in waves have a little push and are somewhat steep (but not too hollow). Great in 2-4ft beach break.

Sharp rails, they bite hard when you turn, even with the width. It also paddles well, as the foam is balanced throughout the board, rather than in back half.

I'm 6'3" and 191lb/86kg and this works great for my skill level (intermediate).

Skill level:
Wave size:
1-3 ft.
4-6 ft.
7-10 ft.
10+ ft.
Wave type:
Board dimensions: 6'2" x 20 1/8th" x 2 11/16th"
Brand: Firewire Surfboards
Fin type: Tri/thruster
Rental options:
Pickup only
Delivery available
Deposit required on pickup?: Valid photo ID

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