6'3 ...Lost "V2 Shortboard"

This a 6'3 ...Lost "V2 Shortboard" with a round tail and an FCS 5-fin setup. This is a handmade high performance shortboard that works best in punchy shoulder to overhead surf. It maxes out for me in waves just overhead. I use this board mainly for travel in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and California. This shape would be my everyday type of board if I lived in one of those places with consistently available high performance surf. I ride it mostly as a thruster with the Matt Biolos LG Performance fins, but it rides well as a Quad with the "carver" series fins if you need to go extra fast and the waves are really clean. Lost doesn't make this board as stock anymore, but it's VERY similar to the "Baby Buggy Round" in my opinion. Rent this stick and shred! Also, this board was sized for my 6'2 195lb frame for a trip to Costa Rica, but it would make a great winter board for a regular sized person looking for a few more liters of volume... If you ride a 28-32L high performance board in Florida, this is perfect for when you put on the 5/4 hood, gloves, and boots! Here is the SHAPER'S DESCRIPTION and a VIDEO REVIEW

All surfers will need to present a valid driver's license (or another government-issued ID), pay a cash deposit, and sign a renter's agreement. If you're under the age of 18 you'll need an adult as a co-signer. ALL renters may park ONE vehicle in my parking lot to surf the residential beach across the street, as my guest. It's a 2 min walk from the jebshred compound to the surf :)

Skill level:
Wave size:
1-3 ft.
4-6 ft.
7-10 ft.
10+ ft.
Wave type:
Board dimensions: 6'3 x 19.75 x 2.65 34.5L
Brand: ...Lost Surfboards
Fin type: 5 fin convert
Rental options:
Pickup only
Delivery available
Deposit required on pickup?: Yes $100. Refunded when the board is returned in the same condition, or less the estimated damages.

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