Channel Island Dumster Diver 5’10”

The Channel Islands Dumpster Diver is a great high performance board. It’s really easy to position your line to get where you need to be. A good all around board as long as you have enough volume.
A really good board and fast enough to get you in the pocket. This board reintroduce the love for surfing because it’s fun and fast on waves 3 foot plus waves. The Dumpster Diver paddles fast and will get you where you need to be. Position was everything when using this board. It’ll get you there paddling or riding the wave. The Dumpster Diver has great volume right in the shoulder area making it for a faster paddle.

Board dimensions: 5.10x20x1/2 vol32.4 L
Brand: Channel Islands Surfboards
Fin type: Tri/thruster

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