Foamy Mini Simmons

The Paragon Mini Simmons is all about speed and flow. The front third of the board is very flat (speed), while the rest of the board transitions from a single to double concave with vee out the tail (loose). This board excels in small conditions and it will guarantee to increase your wave count.

Unlike other soft tops on the market, this board is constructed from a hand-shaped epoxy core and has a high-density wood stringer. The rails and bottom contours are also hand-shaped, and the board is finished with Hexcel cloth and epoxy resin. The top deck/rails are wrapped and vacuum-sealed with a texturized EVA foam.

As a result, this board has the cushy feel of a foamy coupled with the performance/durability of a high-performance surfboard. Gone are the days of waxing up your board or having to worry about rail dings.

Skill level:
Wave size:
1-3 ft.
4-6 ft.
7-10 ft.
10+ ft.
Wave type:
Board dimensions: 5'6"x20.25"x2.5" (37L)
Brand: Other
Rental options:
Pickup only
Delivery available
Deposit required on pickup?: Yes

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