Flying Turtle

This is my version of the mini simmons surfboard design. The outline is pretty self explanatory although I would say they generally are a lot more performance than they appear. My Flying Turtle has a double barrel concave bottom running from the tip to tail. This really helps get the board over on its rail and gives it a sensitive feel in spite of its anything but sensitive outline. The most popular Flying Turtle is the V12 model which is a wide diamond tail with a 5 1/2″ swallow tail cut out of the tip of the diamond, we also do them with diamond tails and rounded squash tails. These are usually quad fin set ups but we do them as twins and Thangs as well. These boards are so fun, easy to ride and work in the most nonexistent surf. Put one in your quiver and you will be having fun on days you wouldn’t think about surfing on a standard performance board. I also do a version called the Deadly Flying Turtle that has a more pulled in outline in the nose and tail and works in bigger and better waves. It’s a high performance Flying Turtle.

Board dimensions: 5'6"x 20 1/2"x 2 3/4, 5'8x21"x 2 5/8
Brand: Surf Prescriptions
Fin type: Quad

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