5'10" Windigo Asymmetric Barry Snyder Snub Nose

For rent (or sale) is a used 5'10" Windigo Barry Snyder asymmetrical snub nose surfboard. It's a wide board (22") and the asymmetric shape is built for a regular right-foot-forward surfer. The left side has a shorter rail that is rounded off to help bring the board around quicker on your backhand, while the right side rail is extended which helps generate more speed and power on your forehand. The board surfs well but is too short for me. The board has several very light pressure dings throughout the deck, and a few heavier ones (see photos). The board was recently professionally repaired at Ding King and it's watertight and good to go.


5'10" (right rail)
5'8" (left rail)
22" wide
2.75" thick

Board dimensions: 5'10" (5'8" left rail) 22" wide 2.75" thick
Brand: Other
Fin type: Tri/thruster

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tran t

6 years ago

It looks so lovely, can i rent tow?

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